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Sitges, ES


​Considered a street photographer at heart, E.G Caba explores photography as a conceptual interlacing of reality and fiction to cross both art and cultural boundaries as she delicately choreographs every detail of her photos to achieve scenes with a cinematographic mystique, a poetic visual narrative made of fleeting moments, memories and the essence of the artist. ​Curiosity for the infinite faces of art together with traveling made her bloom into an independent photographer with a distinctive touch to portray life. From her own raw photographic images to digital art, painting or movie making, she is dedicated to inspire the viewer with a whimsical yet allegorical imagery characterized by a vibrant an elegant staging. ​ Her stages in life have been an open canvas that started as a child with a certain talent for drawing that she still combines with her career as a photographer. In her early twenties, she had the opportunity to study at Saint Martins in London, where she fulfilled her interest in researching the different fine art disciplines and became part of the international media industry. Her work is held in private collections throughout the United States and Europe. She has also performed a wide number of versatile projects, that include theater, film, advertising, fashion and documentary photography in cities as London, Paris, Barcelona, Mexico City and currently New York and Sitges (BCN), where she divides her time. "Art fulfills my identity, embracing what I see and what I feel. It conveys my reality and reveals my personality. It is my other wing that guides me not just to new destinations but my destiny". - Sara E Caba
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