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Juan Escors
50 x 50 x 1 cm 490€


Contemporary art projects a dynamic and sophisticated corporate image. We have a wide catalog of paintings, sculptures, photographs and engravings, and we have more than 450 artists. In addition, works of art create a stimulating environment for employees. It's profitable: You can enjoy an original work of art by a renowned artist and it is a tax deductible expense for companies. It's flexible: The lease allows changes and acquisitions, and is comfortable: FLECHA is in charge from the projection studio to the installation.


Add to the rental of artwork our comprehensive and free advice service: selection of work, production and installation. 15 day trial period.


Through our free advice service we will help you choose, design and produce the perfect gift for your employees or clients. More than 450 artists and a vast catalog of works with very competitive prices. Your product, your headquarters, logo, claim, etc. converted into a work of art.


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Rocío Cervera
Madrid, ES


Licenciada en Bellas Artes, Universidad de Salamanca (2005-2010). Máster en Escenografía, Istituto Europeo di Design (IED, 2010-2011). En mi época universitaria mi trabajo se centraba en el street art, el graffiti y el trabajo con plantillas. A día de hoy mi inpiración se ha expandido hacía más campos, mis referencias directas pueden ser Cy Twombly y Lee Krasner (la olvidada señora de Pollock), en general la escuela de Nueva York o expresionistas abstractos como Teixidor, Gordillo o Canogar. Podemos ver en este trabajo una reinvención del expresionismo abstracto con ciertos guiños más millenials, con referencias al Street Art y a la cultura contemporánea, colores pop y un enfoque distinto, con mucha inspiración musical. Cada cuadro tiene una canción y una letra relacionada, poesía para crear una historia detrás de los brochazos y crear un efecto sinestésico en el espectador. ..................................................................................................... Back in my university days my artwork was based in street art, graffiti and stencil work with a high political slant. Nowadays my inspiration has developed with depth, conciousness and styles, making my art much more complex. My biggest references are Cy Twombly, the School of New York, and various Spanish artists like Teixidor, Gordillo or Canogar. If you wanna know me as living human here it goes: I was born in Madrid, Spain in 1987, and from a very young age I´ve been completely consumed by art. Having been born into a family with much creativity this further fueled my ambitions to create and learn more. I studied fine arts with the focus on painting, but because of Spains economical climate at the time, I decided to focus on Set Design, combining my passion for fine art with the practical designs for entertainment. After my studies I entered the world of graphic and interior design, working with music and cultural festivals, as well as advertising. This work brought me to where I am now, currently working at an art gallery in Madrid. ​ EDUCATION: ​ Degree in Fine Arts, University of Salamanca, Spain (2005-2010). Master in Set Design, Istituto Europeo di Design (IED, 2010-2011). ​ ARTSHOWS: ​ MULAFEST 2017 Art & Music Festival (Madrid, Spain). FLECHA Palma de Mallorca 2017 (Balearic Islands, Spain). FLECHA Bilbao 2017 (Basque Country, Spain). FLECHA Madrid 2018, Spain. "The Emotions of Colors" Crisolart Galleries, Barcelona 2018. Collective Exhibition.
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Rocío Cervera